Dear Prospective Supporter,

As some of you may know, Heart to Heart Ministries has been working with senior adults in nursing homes and hospitals for over ten years now. The Ministry helps bring the word and grace of God in to the hearts of many lost, lonely, and forgotten senior adults each year. The money that you donate helps us to provide care and needs for the senior adults in our community.

This year, we will open our Senior Talk Line providing an outlet for seniors to call in and talk when they are feeling lost, Lonely, or depressed.  It is an awesome thing to see the faces of senior adults light up when they know someone cares, and the volunteers have worked for several months to be prepared for the opening of our talk line. We hope that you can find it in your heart to join us by becoming a sponsor of the Senior Talk line.

Would you be willing donate to us with a tax-deductible donation. Any donation will help, and your support will help ensure that the Senior Talk Line will continue this year and future years to come. I hope that I can count on you to support us. You can contact me on via messaging me or  help provide you with more information or to collect the donation you would like to pledge to help keep seniors of Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Alabama from being lonely and put a smile on a senior this up and coming year!

All The Money from this Campaign goes towards our start up costs, First years rent, Utilities, and Out reach.

Thank you in advance,

Rev. Daniel Miller
Vice President and Pastor / Senior Talk Line