The Senior Talk Line

Someone to talk to with quality conversation and an open ear.

Whats in it for our Sponsors?

There are so many benefits to being a sponsor. Some include a Certificate of appreciation, Name and logo on our Sponsors page, as well as referral service when we receive a call looking for a business sponsors services. There's a... Continue Reading →

What our funding is for…

What does this cover: Desks: 7 at $ 623.00 Desk Chairs: 7 at $420.00 Computers with Key board (1 as server): 8 at $800.00 Monitors: 7 at $ 700.00 Phone System: 1 with 7 or more phones $1000.00 Switch: $100... Continue Reading →

Visit our Go fund me site…

So far we are at $30 of our total Goal. Not many people know that just to Talk to someone has so much healing power to relieve stress and improve the overall quality of life especially to those who have... Continue Reading →

Dear Prospective Supporter, As some of you may know, Heart to Heart Ministries has been working with senior adults in nursing homes and hospitals for over ten years now. The Ministry helps bring the word and grace of God in... Continue Reading →

Hello world!

Hello we are currently setting up for Success To start in 2016. There's Alot of really amazing things coming and we are sooo Excited to start this new adventure!   Thank you in advance! Daniel Miller

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